One Prerequisite For Being a Part of the Team…

There are many factors that go into effective team work.  In the business world, everyone seems to talk about their team – the importance of counting on interdependence above individual effort and work.  The summer season is a season of teams – sports, mission teams, and countless others meet together to accomplish something. So, what … Read more

Down to the Donut Holes

Every weekend at our church, we serve a variety of coffees, fruits, juice and doughnuts.  The donuts come from one place and are picked up by a church member every Sunday morning.  But since people seem to like the donut holes from another place a little better, someone else goes to get those. As they go to … Read more

One Great Way To Build Team Community

The best way to build team community is to serve together.  Working together with the purpose of helping someone else is powerfully connecting. During our summer team training week, the 2012 Harvest Team took two hours out of the day to help at the local food pantry.  We sorted, stocked and filled food boxes for the clients … Read more