How can you inspire others to reach new levels instead of obeying through fear? By speaking greatness. Speaking greatness helps a person want to achieve great things in life and not disappoint the leader or coach. What does speaking greatness require?  We must believe that each person is valued, loved by God, and created with … Read more


Pastors, worship leaders, and next-generation ministry leaders build the culture of attitude – positive or negative – in the leaders and the church. Your attitude is contagious. No ministry or leader is perfect and you will experience tough seasons and situations. But it’s important to keep a positive attitude. As Winston Churchill said, “I am … Read more

Why Enthusiasm Is Important For Church Leaders

Enthusiasm is both a gift and a choice. Everyone is enthusiastic about something. It’s important for people to experience enthusiastic church leaders – leaders with enthusiasm for Jesus, people, the church, and ministry. Enthusiasm can be defined as displaying enjoyment, interest, or approval about a particular subject or activity with a desire to be involved. … Read more


Developing volunteers in ministry is different that hiring and developing church staff. The main difference between them being volunteers receive no monetary compensation. This creates a different level of invitation and connection. The church needs people who feel called to serve in specific areas of ministry.  But the church leadership also needs to help make … Read more

9 Proven Ways To Get A New Idea

New ideas are great.  They are the seed to possibilities.  If you have 50 new thoughts or ideas this year and say, only 12 of them come together and pan out to something – that’s one amazing possibility a month! So, begin practicing getting new ideas!  Here are nine proven ways to get started: 1) Assessment of your life … Read more

Six Ways Church Staff Team Members Can Influence The Church

Does the staff influence the church more or does the church influence the staff more? Obviously, they both happen to some degree, but this question has been on my mind.  In this post, I will focus on the ways church staff and leaders can help shape the church: 1. Through Prayer – It’s the obligation of … Read more

When Your Values Are Clear, Your Choices Are Easy

“When your values are clear, your choices are easy.” – Thad Allen When our values are really clear, the choices become more limited. A simple example might be our value to be honest. Because we value honesty, we don’t make the choice to cheat on our taxes, our timesheet, or other things in life. This … Read more

Three Negative Messages You Send When You’re Late

How is it that some people are never late and others always are? How can an issue always arise that creates the conditions for being late? There may a few good reasons, but overall, the leader sends some certain messages when they are late. I’m far from perfect in this regard, but I do have … Read more