I am a Disciple, a husband, dad and ministry leader.

This is my personal and ministry blog focusing on helping you gain ideas, clarity and insights to confidently lead the church you serve. As a result, I write about ministry within the church, including pastoral ministry, worship ministry, student ministry, family ministry, ideas and leadership. On occasion, I write about other topics that don’t neatly fit into any these category.

Most of my days are invested specifically in two avenues of ministry: 1) I’m part of the church staff at the ever growing Troy United Methodist Church  and 2) I serve as the Director for Harvest Ministry Teams, a non-for-profit ministry in the Midwest with a mission to “help the church make disciples”.

My goal through this blog is to help you become more effective in your ministry role – paid or volunteer. If you have a leadership role in your church this blog is for you.

I typically post a couple times per week and email about that often as well. I hope you will join me on the journey – you can subscribe below!


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I first started playing guitar in 6th grade and was invited soon after to “lead worship” for children’s church.  That led me to playing guitar for youth group as I got older.  This was back when worship songs were divided into two categories – camps songs and slows songs.  Through college (McKendree University, BA Organizational Communication) I spent every summer leading music for various church camps.  I also spent most every weekend leading retreats, conferences and revivals at churches.  This continued to be my “job” during seminary (Asbury, Wilmore, KY, M. Div).  About half way through seminary, assuming I wouldn’t be able to continue serving at camps as a music leader, I invited others to join me one summer to learn the ropes.  This opened the doors and Harvest Ministry Team was birthed along with a new vision for serving the church.  Harvest Ministry Teams has been in existence since 1996 with a mission to “Equip young adults for ministry while providing a resource to the church”.  We accomplish this mission by inviting people to serve in worship team and leadership teams as we minister in camps, churches,  events and conferences.

Because we were privileged to become connected to hundreds of churches, we began developing and hosting conferences and events, along with serving as the worship team for other conference and camps around the midwest.  As time when on, we began to add in other resources, including this blog as a way of helping to encourage and serve the church and it’s leaders.

In addition to the continuing to serve as the Director for Harvest Ministry, I also serve on part-time staff at Troy United Methodist Church in Troy, IL where I am primarily involved in worship ministry.

This blog has been an opportunity for me to share my thoughts on the local church as a staff member, from the view of the larger church through travels with Harvest Ministry Team, and from a desire to faithfully walk the road of a Christian father (to the two cutest little girls) and husband (to a wonderfully beautiful wife).

How Harvest Can Help You

CONTACT: Tim Price, Harvest Ministry Teams  /  407 Edwardsville Road, Troy, IL 62294
618-667-6241 ext 14 tim@harvestministryteams.com / www.harvestconferences.org

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