How To Gain Leadership Wisdom

There are no shortcuts to wisdom. It takes time.

You don’t gain wisdom in leadership just because you set out to be a wise leader, but because your goals are set on helping others. It doesn’t matter what role you play – whether it’s church ministry or marketplace business – leading is about serving.

There are a few things that seem to create great conditions for growing in wisdom. Here are seven things to think about:


Prayer and listening prayers. Supernatural wisdom can come to us as we pray.


Be still. Revelations, clarity and wisdom will often come from God when you’re still.

Read Proverbs Every Day

Reading Proverbs each day is a huge part of learning God’s ancient wisdom that transcends the daily activities in today’s age. It’s truly amazing and simple!

Listen To People

When you’re listening you’re learning. Gain all the knowledge you can from listening to the stories and experiences of others around you.

Brainstorm Solutions

Practice thinking of solutions. Allow the obstacles in life to push you toward creativity and resourcefulness. Don’t just give up. Practice thinking of some way to resolve the issue. Anyone can pinpoint problems, but wisdom begins to offer solutions.

You Don’t Have To Know It All

Wisdom is not memorizing content and trivia. You don’t have to have all the answers to be wise. In fact, most often wisdom comes with fewer words. You don’t have to know it all. Wisdom in leadership may at times mean saying, “I don’t know” and being ok with it. Humility may be the first key to gaining wisdom.

Stick With It

“Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.” Wisdom comes from living life and experience. It comes from failures and successes alike. It comes from staying at it and learning to make things work. You have to stick with it!

The truth is, wise leaders probably never think of themselves in that way. Just continue to be faithful in your work and to your calling. God will keep using you as you keep trusting in Him.

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