Be An Inspiration

People who inspire us typically aren’t setting out to do so. They are just faithfully living out their lives. Here are some of the things they incorporate – all which can be acted upon and started in your life!

Follow Christ’s Example

As we learn more about Jesus and follow his example, his work is done through us! People begin to see Jesus in us.

Be Interested In Others

Being interested in someone is one huge way to inspire people. Your questions, attention, and encouragement can be what someone needs to move ahead. I once received a powerful letter of encouragement from an acquaintance who was interested in our ministry. It certainly inspired me and shaped our ministry in the early years.

Invite People Into Your Life

If you want to inspire people, you have to be around them. Invite them into your life. I have found that when someone comes into your home (or you into theirs) doors are opened that otherwise cannot be. Invite people in, figuratively or literally, and invest in them!

Invest In Your Children With Alone Time

Your home is a micro mission field and one important thing you can do is to spend time alone with your kids. It can be on any number of activities – from computers to reading, games to movies, or music to outdoor activities. Investing time alone with your kids will bring about untold inspiration in their lives.

Help Others

Serving always brings inspiration to both parties – the one serving and the one being served. Find ways to help other people.

Focus On The Big Things

If you want to inspire people from afar, you have to focus in on the things for which you have been called. If you try to do everything, you limit the time you have to do some of the most important things. What is the biggest contribution you can make? And how can you invest more focus and time on those things?

Let Your Light Shine

The beautiful thing about one candle lighting another is that the first one loses nothing! Let your light shine – share your hope and faith. Be generous with words and encouragement. Love the people around you and be the kind of light Scripture talks about – the kind that cannot be hidden. You are light and world needs it!

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