Why Friendships With Ministry Leaders are Important

It’s important for ministry leaders to be connected with others … especially other ministry leaders. Connections and networking happen in almost all jobs and industries; sharing similar work experiences builds a sense of camaraderie. Christians, especially Christian leaders, should lead the way in making those connections as friendships are important at all levels. Here are … Read more

Seven Important Reminders About Vision

Vision is discovered, not invented. The best way to discover the vision for your ministry or organization is to spend time with Jesus, in His Word.  From there, you will be drawn into God’s dream which is always more perfect than we can imagine. Seeking the vision requires these things: 1. Seeking Vision Requires: Confidence … Read more

It’s True! Small Sins Can Jeopardize The Blessing And Anointing!

The crazy thing happens just one chapter after the miraculous and famous fall of Jericho. In the process of that miraculous conquest, someone among the Israelite nation, unbeknownst to anyone else, disobeys the direct orders from God and steals for himself some of the plunder.  He takes a robe and money that he covets and … Read more

Be Happy With Less: Apply the Amazing Virtue of Thrift

Financial hardships can bring extra stress in life. But financial freedom doesn’t bring enduring happiness either. How do we live so that the amount of money we have doesn’t keep us from flourishing? Happiness with less isn’t just a good sentiment. It really is true that people who have less tend to have a level … Read more