Celebrate The Ordinary

“God loves the ordinary. The world tries to seduce us with the extraordinary. The culture fills our minds with dreams of home runs, but life is about getting up every day and hitting a single.”

Matthew Kelley

In his book, “Resisting Happiness” the author, Matthew Kelly, believes the culture works against us, giving us a sense that we’re a failure unless we’re at the very top. What gets left out is how important every individual is.

An ordinary life doesn’t say you have no special characteristics or influence in your circle. It says the opposite: You are wonderfully created, with a purpose and a plan. Your success is not determined by how successful you may seem to others. The world is changed every day by the tiniest of actions from normal, ordinary people.

Make a list of five ordinary things you do every day. Think about your actions surrounding each of those normal things.

It’s been said that the average person, going about a normal day, influences 100 people. In a lifetime, that’s monumental!

Instead of trying to be immensely successful: What small things can you do today? What normal things can you celebrate? Who in your immediate circles needs your lasting impact?

For centuries, God has used everyday people to accomplish amazing things. God has also used everyday people to accomplish ordinary things.

It’s easy to highlight the big stories and moments in scripture: Abraham, Moses and the exodus, David, Peter, Paul. Their stories are awesome.

But what about the millions of other people who played a unnoticed role? What about the guy who owned the donkey that Jesus rode into Jerusalem (Matthew 21)? What about the man who carried the cross for Jesus (Mark 15:21)? What about the unnamed men who lowered their friend through the roof to be healed (Luke 5:18-19)?

Think of the pastor leading one of a million small congregations in rural areas or the mom of two small kids living apart from her deployed husband. Or consider you and me.

Let’s not get caught up in trying to do it all or agonizing over what never was. Let’s be faithful to God, give thanks for life, and work with what we have every day. Let’s celebrate the ordinary.

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