Drive Through Blessing

She walked up to the window and stood there waiting for me to roll it down. I was surprised to see her right next to our van.  We were somewhere outside of Chicago, pulling in for supper at an A&W KFC combo restaurant.  It was nestled between two truck stops and we realized how small the parking lot was too late.  Since we couldn’t go forward or backward, we decided to pull around the drive through.  We didn’t order anything, just pulled through – and got stuck. For thirty minutes we were wedged between two cars, an A&W and a brick wall.  And there she was.

We rolled the window down and a lady wearing blue jeans and a pink shirt said, “I noticed your van name and wanted to ask if you would bless us?  My husband and I are on the way to Ohio and we need a blessing.”

Our immediate thought was that she needed money.  But, she just wanted prayer.  She put her hand through the window to hold my hand for prayer.  Josh prayed for the lady.  And she left.  A few minutes later, she came back to the window.  We realized she was stuck in the drive through behind us.  This time, we were sure she wanted to ask for financial assistance. 

I rolled down the window and she said, “my husband is too shy to come up here, but he wants a blessing too.”  Josh and Zak got out of the car and went to pray for the woman’s husband in the car behind us.

It was a new experience for me.  And after reflecting on the situation, I was intrigued.  Was it the name Harvest Ministry on the side of the van that caused her to ask for a “blessing?” 

Mark 11:24 says, “Whatever you have asked for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”  I believe that couple received a blessing that day because they asked for it.  And it made me wonder if I forget sometimes to ask for a blessing.  It also made me wonder if we take faith too lightly.  We speak Jesus name every single day, but then it surprised us when someone came up to ask for prayer in such a desperate way. 

People need Jesus.  It was definate to me in that moment.

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  1. This gave me chills and made me start to cry. Who knows where we will witness? May God add his blessings to this memory and to the couple who reached out to touch a hem of Jesus’ robe.

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