Timothy, to whom two New Testament letters were directed, was born around the year AD 17 and died about AD 97 when he was about 80 years old. Though he never physically met Jesus, their timelines overlapped. Jesus was born around 4 BC, started preaching around AD 27, and died around AD 30. Timothy was a … Read more


Guardrails along the highway give us the freedom to travel without going off the road and down a cliff or into water. My family enjoyed travelling across Tampa Bay on America’s 9th longest bridge, The Sunshine Skyway. I would never have considered driving across that 4-mile stretch without the protection of guardrails on each side. … Read more

Why Church Leaders Need Daily Devotions To Be Successful

Time with God each day is like fresh bread.  It nourishes, it revives, it sustains.  The Word helps us to remain faithful, continuously keeps our eyes toward heaven and keeps us steady.  Digging into the God inspired and life giving Scripture is more than just reading – it’s engaging with God’s Spirit and allowing it … Read more

Wisdom of MLK

Today we remember Martin Luther King, Jr.  I praise the Lord for the work he did through this man of faith. And I’m amazed at how Martin Luther King, Jr. stood strong through those seasons in life. We all know his work needs to continue and we need to keep praying for our nation and … Read more

Seven Important Reminders About Vision

Vision is discovered, not invented. The best way to discover the vision for your ministry or organization is to spend time with Jesus, in His Word.  From there, you will be drawn into God’s dream which is always more perfect than we can imagine. Seeking the vision requires these things: 1. Seeking Vision Requires: Confidence … Read more

It’s True! Small Sins Can Jeopardize The Blessing And Anointing!

The crazy thing happens just one chapter after the miraculous and famous fall of Jericho. In the process of that miraculous conquest, someone among the Israelite nation, unbeknownst to anyone else, disobeys the direct orders from God and steals for himself some of the plunder.  He takes a robe and money that he covets and … Read more