The Cure For Envy

Envy. We all deal with it. It creeps up when we see someone’s new car, new home or their big vacation. It can overpower church leaders when they see other pastors with more visible ministries. It can happen amongst children when one gets new shoes or a new device. Phone and tech companies count on … Read more

More Faith in God, Less in Self

It probably takes years for a leader to be weaned from faith in himself.  It’s not that young leaders don’t believe in God or trust in Christ alone for salvation.  It’s just that older leaders have learned to trust in themselves less.   Godly older leaders have seen their own decisions play out. They’ve experienced … Read more

What takes you to 100,000 miles?

Due to our Harvest van situation, I’ve had to keep track of mileage on my personal vehicle over the last few weeks.  In fact, I’ve had it set on “trip” for nearly three months now.  Today,  I switched the odometer from trip to mileage reading and was shocked to see it had rolled to 100,000 miles.  What? I’m not sure where … Read more