More Faith in God, Less in Self

It probably takes years for a leader to be weaned from faith in himself.  It’s not that young leaders don’t believe in God or trust in Christ alone for salvation.  It’s just that older leaders have learned to trust in themselves less.   Godly older leaders have seen their own decisions play out. They’ve experienced life a little longer.  And they have learned anything good has happened by the grace of God.  They don’t rely on the fads and the ideas of the day.  And they don’t rely on their own wisdom, strength and creative ideas.

In Scripture, we find a time when Jesus is coming to the aid of a woman who has been caught in adultery and is almost ready to be stoned.  Jesus invites anyone without sin to cast the first stone.  One by one the spiritual leaders left – beginning with the older ones.   There wasn’t any way around it. 

We find other another example in the rich young ruler who went away sad because he had so much.  Though he had kept rules and laws, it was a difficult proposition to think of going all out for Jesus.

Where do you find yourself putting your faith and trust?  Of course, as Christians, our faith is in Christ alone.  But as we live the daily Christian life and serve in Christian ministry, do you rely on your own strength or God’s?


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