Front Yard Is Perfect

I’ve gotten into the habit of mowing only the front yard at times.  The grass in the back is just as tall, but due to time constraints or some other reason, I somehow convince myself that just doing the front will be fine for this week.

This doesn’t happen every single week, but here and there.  The front is perfect, mowed trimmed and blown. The back is neglected.

Today was one of those days.  If you came to my house tomorrow, you would find that I have the front yard totally finished, but the back yard is untouched.   I reflected on how this can apply to our lives. It’s a dangerous place to be – trying hard to give the appearance that everything is good on the outside (the front lawn) when the inside (back yard) is a mess.  Jesus spoke to this.  And he wasn’t too friendly about it either.  Terms like “white washed tombs” and “brood of vipers” and other things were used. The perfect, well spoken prayers were second compared to the guy who just beat his chest and cried for mercy.  It doesn’t sound there is a place for facades in the kingdom.  Makes me wonder if it would have been better to just leave the front yard long too.

Any analogy can be carried too far, but it was the thought I had today.  Don’t just cover up the bad with a nice appearance.  Get to work on those things that hinder us.  The things that don’t look that great.  Be real and transparent.  And let God’s glory shine through our weaknesses.


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