Three Lessons From Hosea

Hosea, is a story of a prophet who was called upon to model God’s faithful love to an unfaithful people. It’s a book of sadness and gloom and doom on behalf of God’s people. But there’s also a message of hope and God’s faithfulness – a promise of restoration. Here are three big lessons for today:

We Can’t Forget God

Tragedies, a personal health crisis, and disasters tend to bring people to church. It turns their thoughts toward spiritual issues. But it’s the many minor things that cause people to forget God. It’s a slight turn to our own desires and idols. It’s the shift to self. We forget God as we forge ahead, trusting in our own strength. The more we acquire, the more it seems God is less and less part of the equation.

God’s presence, leadership, and the law was woven into this US nation from the very beginning. The effects are still here today, but it’s quickly fading.

Hosea teaches us that we can’t forget God or his word. When we do, we’re doomed.

God Brings Judgement On Sin

We live in a world where judgment is the ultimate sin. Hosea teaches us that God has standards of holiness. God knows as we live to walk in his ways, there is a joy and fulfillment that overshadows everything. When we turn toward other gods and idols, our hearts are torn apart and our commitment to God shrivels. God brings judgment in those times. The people didn’t want to hear it. Many times in the Old Testament, God’s judgment came and the people repented and turned back. Other times, they didn’t even listen to the prophets.

God still judges sin today.

God Can Call Us Back

Hosea gives a glimpse of promise and hope. God isn’t finished with us yet. There is still a purpose behind this relationship and journey. He promised, amid the terrible unfaithfulness of his people, to restore the nation.

We need this today.

We need to pray for revival across this land. We need to turn back to God as he is calling us. There’s potentially a season of things getting worse before they get better, but these moments of darkness is where desperation comes in.

And it’s in desperation that earnest, heart-wrenching prayers are prayed.

And it’s those kinds of prayers that start revivals.

God is calling us back.

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