Why Enthusiasm Is Important For Church Leaders

Enthusiasm is both a gift and a choice. Everyone is enthusiastic about something. It’s important for people to experience enthusiastic church leaders – leaders with enthusiasm for Jesus, people, the church, and ministry. Enthusiasm can be defined as displaying enjoyment, interest, or approval about a particular subject or activity with a desire to be involved. … Read more

One Great Ingredient To Growing The Faith Of Your Teenager

Faith development in a teenager varies with each student. Thankfully God can move whether things go right in the home and life or not. Parents are going to fail – that’s a given. There’s no way around it. On top of that, there has never been a totally smooth transition from youth to adulthood – … Read more

New Volunteers Are Fragile

New volunteers need to be nurtured. They need to see clearly what you’re asking them to do, how the work matters, what their time commitments are and how they’re gifts and efforts will affect the overall mission and outcome. Someone who has just joined your team needs well-communicated direction about when, where and how! And … Read more

Six Differences Between Networking And Building Relationships

  There is a difference between networking and building relationships. I’m sure they each have their place. I’m not sure where this came from, but it was a note I made a while back and thought I would share it here:   [columns] [span6] NETWORKING [/span6][span6] RELATIONAL BUILDING [/span6][/columns] [columns] [span6] Is about meeting people … Read more

Importance of Coaching

Coaching gives us an outside perspective on our work and leadership. It’s through questions and conversations that many discover how to get things moving forward in their ministry, personal goals or leadership. I have been the recipient of great coaching on several fronts. Coaching Brings Clarity Coaching allows for a new perspective which will often … Read more

God Still Uses Summer Camps

When I listen to testimonies from faithful Christians, I almost always hear them mention at least two things: The first thing is a place. ┬áMost often students take big steps of faith when they are at a special event. I’ve often wondered what ingredients cause this to be the case. Maybe it’s a different voice … Read more