Three Simple Things Going Into A New Year Of Student Ministry

There are three big seasons for student ministry – 1) Fall, 2) January, and 3) Summer. It sort of follows a semester mindset, but you can hit restart at any of these times.

It’s a good time to get things in order and check in on your progress.

With school just starting back up this week, here are three things you can do in and for your student ministry.

Thank Your Volunteers and Key Leaders

Check in with your team. Send them a thank you note. If you didn’t get to have a Christmas party with them, set up a dinner or event now. Call them all to see how they are doing.

Get Your Vision Down On Your Calendar

Line out your calendar for personal life and ministry life. Put down on paper the plan for the spring. What are the summer dates looking like? Start with the big things, then move from there. Get it set and start sharing with your team, students, and families.

Delegate Some Of Your Ministry Role

You can’t do this alone. Now is a good time to delegate a few things that anyone could do. Here are the steps: 1) think of something you do every week that you could teach someone else 2) document the steps in a small “job description” and 3) be on the lookout for someone who might fill that role. You’ll be surprised who comes to mind or surfaces for ministry with you.


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