Eight P’s for Achievment

letter-pEach summer we publish the Harvest Handbook for our ministry teams who travel to camps, churches and events.  The back of this booklet contains several little thoughts and this is one of them, though, the author is unknown.  Here are the eight P’s for achievement:

Prepare Prayerfully.   Prayer needs to be the foundation.  Prayer is the where the action is.  Prayer leads us to the vision.

Plan Purposefully.    Be intentional about what you are trying to plan.  Be ready to work hard in collaboration, in strategy and in goal setting.

Proceed Positively.   Keep moving forward.  Keep taking steps.  And keep looking at the bright spots.  Even in the midst of obstacles, be sure to remain positively focused on the vision and the goal.

Pursue Persistently.   Don’t give up. Stick with it.  Invest time in making it happen.  Allow the vision to come out in conversations, in meetings, and in your communication.

Achievement is a product of many areas coming together toward one goal.  These eight words are powerful as you go forward.  And they can be broken up too.

You need to prepare, plan, proceed and pursue.  You also need to be prayerful, purposeful, positive and persistent.

Enjoy the journey!


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