Keep It Simple For Your Volunteers

One thing paid ministry staff can do in the new year is to keep things simple for your volunteer teams. Ministry can easily become too complex. We lose the “why” behind our serving. Take this month to get a fresh start.

Here are some practical things you can do:

Compile A List

Be sure you have a good contact list and an easy way to connect with all your volunteers. Spruce up the list if you need to and connect with each one.

Thank Your Team

Use your list to thank each person for serving with you in ministry. Thank them for their time and invite feedback and ideas for improvement.

Celebrate The Past Year

Lift up the successes of last year. Celebrate all God is doing through your volunteer team.

Divide Into Smaller Roles

Take some of the roles and make them smaller so you have room for more volunteers and so you don’t overburden key volunteers.

Invite People To Invest

Invite people to join your team because of the value in serving and for the impact they can have. It’s an investment of their God-given gifts that is well worth the time and energy.

Stop Saying You “Need” People

Saying you “need” people isn’t very motivating. No one wants to be a part of something that is flailing. Give people an invitation to be involved in life-changing ministry.

Develop Volunteer Leaders

You can’t do it alone. Who among your team has the leadership ability to help lead your volunteers? Carve out a small job description and begin praying for who you can invite to level up.

Simplify The Process

Take a look at how you schedule people, how new volunteers get connected to you and how you communicate with them. Now is a good time to write out the process – and keep it simple.

I’ve been reading a book called Simply Strategic Volunteers by Tony Morgan and Tim Stevens. It’s a ton of one or two page chapters packed with motiving thoughts. Pick up a copy here.

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