Down to the Donut Holes

Every weekend at our church, we serve a variety of coffees, fruits, juice and doughnuts.  The donuts come from one place and are picked up by a church member every Sunday morning.  But since people seem to like the donut holes from another place a little better, someone else goes to get those. As they go to … Read more

3 Main Concerns For Newcomers in Worship

Here are three main concerns for a first time guest in worship. 1)  Facilities.  A newcomer will see things about the facilities that long time church attenders will never notice.  It begins with the impression from the road, the parking, and the signage to get into the right door.  From there it moves to the entrance, … Read more

First Time Worship Guests Come With Judgement

I recently read an article about mystery worshippers who are paid to attend worship and then give a report.  [Read the full Wall Street Journal Report] Here’s a quote that stuck out. “First-time guests, they don’t come with mercy, they come with judgment. They’re looking for a reason to leave.” Whether we like it or not, there is some … Read more

Do You Know The Impact of 1-11-55 Principle?

If one customer has a bad experience, they will tell 11 people who will in turn tell 5 others.  On  the other side, if a customer has a positive experience, they will tell about 6 people who in turn tell 4. It’s a sad truth.  It’s much easier to spread the word about the bad … Read more