One Prerequisite For Being a Part of the Team…

teamworkThere are many factors that go into effective team work.  In the business world, everyone seems to talk about their team – the importance of counting on interdependence above individual effort and work.  The summer season is a season of teams – sports, mission teams, and countless others meet together to accomplish something.

So, what is one prerequisite for being a vital part of the team?  Knowing the goal or objective of the team.  It’s probably safe to say that if you don’t have some understanding of the goal, you’re not really an effective part of the team.  Without knowledge of where you are ultimately headed, there is no way for you to meaningfully utilize your gifts, offer your ability or assist in getting something done.  You may do something, but it may not be what is needed or in the best interest of the team.  If the basketball player shoots into the opponents hoop, he is helping them more than his own team.  Knowing the goal is critical.

Want to take a practical step toward building your team today?  Just state the goals and objectives.  Of course, this may sound basic or it may be a reminder.  But, it may also be an opportunity to create a more effective atmosphere with your people.


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