Harvest 2013

harvestsummer4The 2013 of Harvest Ministry has started.  What began in 1996 as a few people traveling to serve in the summer has become a full time, year round ministry of inviting young adults to serve in and through the church.  This year’s group of five will be traveling for most of June and July.  We will be serving as worship leaders for camps, churches and ministry events.

Prep week, our first week together, has been awesome.  It’s been great to connect, work on songs and learn other ministry components.  It’s also been fun to connect with others who have helped make it a great week – Nathan, Tracy, Justin & Sarah, Carrie, David, Kurt, Bobby, Grant, Bobby, Tonnie, Sherri, Christine, Dave, Suzanne and Rebecca!  We’re looking forward to a great summer of ministry.

2103 Team:  April Scott, Tyler Lynn, Jessica Przybylski, Tim Price, Emily Gray

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