A Good Time to Read Devotionals…

urThere are times when it seems that “doing a quiet time” or having “devotions” has a negative outlook.  In a well meaning way, we hear leaders talk about not wanting to do them just because, etc.  We don’t want it to become legalistic or an action without meaning.  But, discipline is good for us and allows us to experience God at times when we otherwise may not be open to it.

While staying with a host family the other night (something I often do during our summer ministry), we experienced the freshness of a family that is faithful in devotion.  We got to the home late in the evening and after visiting for about an hour, the husband pulled out a book to read.  He read a short devotional about being in the world but not of it.  He talked about it for a moment, then prayed.

Before breakfast the next morning, he began with reading from another devotional book before prayer.  While having breakfast, we asked about the books.  “Oh, we read from the Upper Room at breakfast, from Guidepost at lunch and from Billy Graham’s Devotional Book in the evening.”

Nothing fancy.  Nothing touted.  Just a faithful filling of God’s word all day long.  In addition to getting a great message from those devotions, I also got a great message from that family about the importance of doing devotions.


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