Much of our work in ministry is centered around working with people in teams.  Yet many leaders also report, according to Ken Blanchard, that they don’t know how to teach their people to work in teams. I was reading today from John Maxwell’s Developing The Leaders Around You (from the pile in the basement that I’ll read … Read more


Every team could use more effectiveness, productivity, and growth all while spending less money.  Here are 7 ways any leader can help move their team forward – and it won’t cost a penny. Expectation – Expectation is the key to getting the best performance from your volunteers and staff.  Setting expectations and following through with them are important. Start … Read more

One Prerequisite For Being a Part of the Team…

There are many factors that go into effective team work.  In the business world, everyone seems to talk about their team – the importance of counting on interdependence above individual effort and work.  The summer season is a season of teams – sports, mission teams, and countless others meet together to accomplish something. So, what … Read more

Focus on Your Strengths

“We know some of their strengths, but I think it’s important that we focus on our strengths.” – Mike Matheny, St. Louis Cardinals Manager, 2012 As we have seen the St. Louis Cardinals overcome some pretty devastating odds, it’s a lesson for everyone.  Focus on strengths. For the individual: This may mean that you stop doing … Read more

Momentum: The Cards Have It.

Momentum:  The Cardinals have it.  Here are three recent quotes and five insights from them. “It’s hard for me to explain this production.  I’m just enjoying myself.” – Beltran “I’m going to have to watch that game over again. It really hasn’t sunk in.” Mike Matheny “The message was pretty consistent: keep playing and something … Read more

Three Team Members Everyone Needs

Here are three types of people that every team leader needs: Sneezers -The Sneezers are the people on your team who, after catching the vision, understanding the mission and fully believing in the power of what you are doing, uncontrollably share it with other people.  They talk about it.  They invite people in.  They become … Read more

Good. Fast. Cheap. Pick Two…

This is a pretty standard thought that I’ve heard in a variety of places.  I was in a meeting and someone said, “you’ve got good, fast and cheap, pick two.”  It makes sense. And it’s worth thinking of again as you are planning for something coming up. If something is good and cheap, it’s probably … Read more

Do You Know Quality When You See It?

“It’s important to distinguish between efficiency – doing thing right – and effectiveness – doing the right things. – Drucker I was thinking about quality this morning as I was reading from The Little Team Book (Parker). Quality, as it relates to church staff teams and volunteer ministry teams, is sometimes hard to get a handle on. … Read more