Take Your Team Higher

There are several ways to help a team move higher in work together.  Depending on the task, the type of team and the members, there are variables, but here are some I was thinking about this morning in relation to ministry teams.

Integrity – There has to be a consistency to the ministry team.  There has to be heart.  Honesty and truthfulness coupled with consistent upright actions, builds trust in the team.

Standards – are in place so that each team member knows what is expected.  They need to be in place and made known to help raise people to the expectations and goals set for the team.

Oganization – It’s very kind of the leader to make sure that the team is organized and ready for accomplishing their task.  The commodity of time is as important as ever!

Delegation – A person can only do much.  And there are some people who would love to use their gifts to help.  There are people who are more capable than you to do certain parts of the work and it’s job of the leader to make sure that those roles are delegated.

Spiritual Growth – It’s important for the team to grow spiritually.  What drives and directs their steps?  Why is the team together in the first place?  Is there a way that you can help them grow deeper in faith as they are working together.


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