Connections and Hospitality

We just finished a great week of camp for junior high students at Epworth. The kids were great, the schedule was great, the messages hit home and everything seemed to click.  We’re grateful for the opportunity to have worked in the camp for several years now!  Following the week of ministry, we drove back to Troy, IL (summer home base) and had a great supper (provided by Scheuer Family) on Friday night.  After visiting the St. Louis Zoo on Saturday morning, we had a great lunch at the McGraths!  Saturday night, we led worship for the Access Service at Highland Hope in Highland, IL and then drove to Vandalia, IL.  The worship service at First UMC in Vandalia was great and lunch was awesome too!

On Sunday night – we split up and one team took the leadership for Beulah Bible while the other one went with Epworth Sr. Camp.

Reflecting on the last few days, I’m amazed by the connections and the gracious hospitality of people!  There are few places like the church – opening doors and homes to ministry to people who are ministering or are in need.  It’s powerful.

During Epworth Jr. camp, my family and I stayed in a borrowed RV provided by one of the leaders from camp.  Between the RV and the golf cart rides, my daughters thought we were on summer vacation.

The meals that were provided when we got back to Troy were over the top.  Thanks to the families in Troy who are so supportive and active in the mission! We appreciate the summer spurts of hospitality and the ongoing friendships all year long.

I’m also grateful for the people who help lead the camps and events.  There are many faithful people who serve year in and year out to provide an opportunity for kids and students to experience the love of Christ.

There are lots of churches who are intentionally raising up young leaders through ministry at camps and events.  It’s a great place to use gifts and help develop people in ministry.

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