Missing a Year

I’ve been leading music at Epworth Camp for almost two decades.  I first took my guitar to Epworth back in 1992.  I led music there, in some form or fashion, each year since except for 2001 and 2002.  This year, the Harvest group led worship, but I wasn’t there for the week.

I am at another camp leading with another group.  Interestingly, I have also led music at this camp since 1987 (as a high school student) and have continued most every year since.

Here are a few short reflections about this:

1)  One of the big reasons I arranged the schedule this way was because my daughter is a camper at one of the camps this year.  I figured in 50 years, no one would remember who led music at their camp, except maybe my daughter remembering that I was there.  Even if she does not, I will enjoy being part of her experience.

2) I think it’s great to allow other young leaders to serve in ministry through worship leading at camps.  One of the best ways to grow in the skill of worship leadership is to lead.

3) I am grateful for both of these camps – ministering to people for a combined total of approximately 175 years!  It’s really quite mind boggling to think of how many people’s lives have been changed by Jesus through the ministry at these two locations.

4) I realize no one else probably cares about the details of this post, but it’s a reminder to me just how differently God places in us desires and purposes for ministry in the kingdom.  I think about this stuff all the time and enjoy it.

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