One Great Way To Build Team Community

The best way to build team community is to serve together.  Working together with the purpose of helping someone else is powerfully connecting.

During our summer team training week, the 2012 Harvest Team took two hours out of the day to help at the local food pantry.  We sorted, stocked and filled food boxes for the clients to pick up the next morning.

It was beneficial because it helped the food pantry.  But it also created a more deep sense of community for the team.  It helped spiritually, mentally, and musically.

It gave me the idea to plan some “serving” times for our regular Sunday worship bands and worship teams.  I might be tempted to think being up each Sunday morning is enough serving for a group.  But working on a project, unrelated to worship, could be a key ingredient to building the worship team. It would also also probably give a boost to the overall servant’s heart of our group – though, I am grateful for the humble attitude of all in our worship teams!


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