The Importance of Handwritten Letters

I was reading in Colossians chapter 4 this morning and was reminded again about the power of handwritten notes. “…In my own handwriting, I’m sending this to you.  And when you are finished reading it, pass it along to the others as well…”

Of course, it’s not the fastest most efficient way to communicate, though, at times, it’s definitely the most effective way.  A handwritten note says that you have time for the person.  It says that you value the relationship.  It also gives the indications of personal connection.  Handwritten notes are typically kept – at least longer than other emails and typed letters.  Handwritten letters can be life-changing.

I have often sent notes – quick simple thank you notes to students – and family have said that the kid loved it.  Many times, they post it on their door or wall.  The just don’t get mail that often and if they do it’s not a hand written note from someone they know.

I typically invest some of the time in my schedule each week to send some kind of note.  During the summer, the whole Harvest Team sends handwritten notes to people that we meet and serve with.

Here are a couple thoughts about sending notes and letters:

1)  The postal system is still a pretty good deal – you can give someone a letter and a couple quarters and they will take it anywhere in the country for you.

2) There is a difference between a note and a letter.  People don’t always need long composed letters – a quick note may do just as much good.  A few handwritten lines might be better than three typed paragraphs.

3)  Of course, for close friends, families, kids and other important situations, a long letter may be needed and welcomed.  These are the kind of letters that are cherished and kept.

Who do you need to write to today?


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