5 Benefits of Sleeping On A Church Floor

Each summer Harvest Ministry typically stays a few nights in churches and it’s always a memory.  There are hundreds of groups that travel on mission trips during the summer and spend time on church floors. I thank the Lord for the churches who open their doors.  Though I typically use an air mattress as I’ve gotten older, there are still these five benefits of sleeping on church floors.

1)  The hosting church loves it. There is a benefit for the host church as they serve the greater church through hospitality.

2)  It’s a reminder of the movement of the gospel – from the beginning of the church, people have moved around, sharing God’s love in practical and powerful ways.  The church has always been hospitable in showing care to people who serve in this way.

3)  It’s a reminder of the sacrifice.  Floors aren’t great.  Being in your own bed is probably better.  But you can’t serve in other parts of the country and world and expect to stay at home too.

4)  Sleeping on floors builds community – if nothing else, every one in the group has a common complaint and can be in joyful misery together.  I hear it in mission updates at the end of summer – it’s like a trophy – we slept on a gym floor, but the week was awesome!

5)  It makes you grateful.  Everyone reading this article can list a million ways that we are blessed.  Sleeping on a floor makes a person grateful for all they have.


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3 thoughts on “5 Benefits of Sleeping On A Church Floor”

  1. This made me think back to the days of the witness trips in the summer. I was recruited to go with the Caseyville UMC. I remember sleeping on floors and in the host homes. I have lost touch with most of the people from those days, but I have fond memories of those days. Be it on the floor or in a foreign bed, there is nothing better for your witness, but more importantly for your own Faith!

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