Pizza Church

I experienced something new last night.  A church here in Wisconsin has “Pizza Church” every Monday evening.  The music and preaching are a duplicate of Sunday morning, but the setting is very informal.  The congregation gathers in the fellowship hall, has worship, then has pizza together every week.  It’s a community within a community and … Read more

5 Reasons For Hospitality

During the summer ministry, we are on the road visiting in many churches, homes, camps and events.  We are blessed to meet so many great people. Being hospitable is one hallmark of living the Christian life. I’ve often joked about sending out a team to be recipients of hospitality all summer, although, it wouldn’t be the same … Read more

The Light Kids Conference

The theme for 2013 was Stand By Me.  Thanks to all the great teams of people,  the programming, music and planning seemed to work well.  But, what exceeded my expectation was the response to the invitation. The first session was the story of Moses having two people stand by him to hold up his hands while … Read more

Fire-Up Conference 2013

Fire-Up 2013 will begin tonight!  I’m looking forward to another weekend of inviting kids to experience Christ and to follow him with all they are! I’m praying for the speaker, for Harvest, for the host families, for the leaders from the church, for the tech team, for the sound team, for the seminars, for the … Read more

My Nametag Collection

I’ve always been a keeper.  And though I haven’t kept all of them, these are the nametage I have hanging on a shelf in the basement.  This collection is from several years of conferences, retreat and events.  And it doesn’t count the events where the nametags were stickers. I’ve showed many people this collection.  It represents … Read more

Kentucky, Hillsboro & A Night of Worship

Ministry this last week has been really full and fun!  I had the privilege of leading worship for a revival in Leitchfield, KY for the first half of the week.  David Harting is the pastor there and is doing a great job.  Jason Roe, a Conference Evangelist in Tennessee, was the speaker.  It was a … Read more