How To Become Generous

There are only so many ways a person grows in generosity.  Most of them don’t come from outward circumstance or even financial status.  It comes from the inside out.  Generosity is a mindset.  A way of living.  It’s about giving, but it’s also about being free to give, probably the biggest hindrance.

Here are three steps to becoming generous.

1) Remember what you have has been freely given to you. 

You didn’t come into the world with anything and you can’t take anything with you.  And it’s through experiencing generosity that you realize just how you are blessed.  Example is probably the most profound way that we are inspired to be generous.  How have you been a recipient of generosity?

2) Make your greatest impact the one you leave on people. 

When someone goes an extra mile to extend generosity, the story, the experience, the impact will far outweigh the object itself.  It will live in the memory of the recipient and will, in subtle and magnificent ways, alter the outcome of people’s lives.

3) Begin giving. Don’t wait.

Give what you can.  And don’t expect anything in return. If you wait until you have everything you want, you will never give.  If you wait until you can give financially without really missing anything, one may argue that you are not really truly being generous.   If you never give, you will never experience the joy of generosity!  What can you give to someone today?

I don’t want to oversimplify, but you are either generous or you need to become generous.  Any other kind of life is just too sterile.


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