When Should A Child Begin To Tithe?

I was reading through the book of Exodus and came across a point where it mentioned bringing a piece of silver to the tabernacle. “All who have reached their twentieth birthday must give this sacred offering to the Lord.” (30:14) The question popped up in my mind – when is the best time for a … Read more

The Reason Christians Should Tithe

This is a question for Christians and church goers:  Do you tithe? Do you give 10% to God and the work of the church? I’ve heard sermons on tithing here and there. I’ve also had a few discussions with people over the years. In someways, conversations about money are quite personal, but in other ways, people … Read more

The Best Time To Preach About Money

I’ve heard a similar statement from two different places recently.  In a book called Stop This, Start That and from a seminar with Elmer Towns.  The general sentiment was that the best time to preach about money is when the people need it, not when the budget needs it. The church often talks about money during … Read more