When we finally transition out of this pandemic, churches will have a new opportunity for focus. We will be blessed with the perfect time to decide not to do things.

Many aspects of ministry were naturally pruned during the pandemic. The next season will be about what we re-instate.

The budget will be one place to look carefully. Budgets are tied to opportunities. Determine where you see opportunities arising and begin to feed them. Don’t make the mistake of budgeting for what was.

Consider Your Opportunities

  • Online Presence Will Continue – This means continually making progress in equipment, subscriptions, and technical support to make sure you offer the best possible online experience. Medium-sized churches may consider adding a part-time or full-time paid position in technical, graphics, communication, or social media.
  • New Mission Opportunities Will Emerge – What new needs are present in your community and region? How can you best help families and individuals where you live? How can you best get the gospel into their homes? What new opportunities can you discover or create for your church to be salt and light?
  • Pruning Won’t Be Easy – As we focus on new opportunities, other things must take a backseat. It may not be easy, but now is the time. The book, Stop This, Start That by Jim and Jennifer Cowart, is a practical guide for churches to gain perspective on which ministries may need a hiatus.

How To Lead Your Church Toward Opportunities

Even when church leadership teams are passionate, faithful, and dedicated, the status quo is a powerful force. Here are steps you can take toward successful change:

  • Pray – Pray before you meet and during the meetings. Host prayer times and nights.
  • Invite your teams to pray – Consider forming a prayer team of 5 to 20 faithful, committed members. Put a simple prayer list together to send to your team via text or email.
  • Expect – Live in expectation that you and your church leadership teams will make great decisions and see clearly what steps to take.
  • Take Sabbath Time – The holy rhythm of Sabbath creates a space in our minds and hearts. These times bring the best clarity for your ministry. Don’t jeopardize it – prioritize it. You owe it to yourself, your church, and your family. Sabbath is also a serious call in Scripture.
  • Vision – Where do you see your church two or three years from now? Begin to act that way now. I heard it said to act twice your size if you want to grow your church.

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