To Become More Intentional, Pack Your Schedule

During my first three years of college, I lived on campus, steps from most buildings where my classes were held. Even with the close proximity, I was often late getting to my seat, sometimes without everything I needed.

The fourth year, I moved off-campus, adding a 40-minute round trip drive to my daily routine. In addition to my full class schedule, I took on a student ministry position and led music on several weekends. During that fourth year, I was always on time to class and had everything I needed.

Maybe you’ve had that experience too.

The busier your schedule, the more intentional you must become.

What I learned during my last year of college has continued to play out. When I have a heavy season coming up or when I have a lot to get done before a vacation, I seemingly accomplish more.

During those times, I have to get more intentional. Here’s one idea for acting on this principle.

Crowd Your Calendar

This doesn’t mean saying yes to everything. It means filling up your calendar with the important things. Write down the times you want to think, read, pray, journal, or spend time with your spouse, kids, family, and friends. Filling up your calendar helps you prioritize your work and get it done.

I experience this when we make weekend plans. Because I know we will be gone Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, I become very intentional from Sunday through Wednesday. I can usually do a whole work week in those few short days.

Pull out your calendar and fill it up with the most important things.

To become more intentional, pack your schedule.

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