Until recently, I’ve never read Luke 5:17-26 with an organization or ministry in mind.

It’s the story of men taking their paralyzed friend to Jesus to be healed. Because the house where Jesus was speaking was so crowded, these men resorted to lowering their friend through a hole they created in the roof. Jesus saw their faith and healed the man lying on the mat.

Today, it dawned on me that we should be lifting up our churches and ministry organizations to the Lord.

We should follow the example of these men to do whatever necessary to get to Jesus. These men got their friend in front of Jesus to be healed. Their faith made a difference and Jesus responded in mighty ways.

Have Faith

Taking steps of faith is a risk. In this story, the friends who lowered their friend to Jesus took a huge risk. They weren’t worried about their own reputations; they only cared about their friend’s health. As a result, Jesus gave physical and spiritual health to the man lying before him.

Go To The Trouble

Though salvation is a free gift, we must accept it. We must act, making a move toward Jesus as Jesus has come to us. Scripture has many examples where Jesus asks us to participate in the miracle – the borrowed boat, the borrowed donkey, the borrowed room for the last supper. Each miracle required someone to go to the trouble to make it happen.

It Takes More Than One Person

Lifting your church to Jesus is not the responsibility of only the pastor; it is the responsibility of many faithful leaders in the church. It took several men to lower their friend through the roof and it takes many people praying and working to lift the church to the Lord.

Desperation Is Key

Without desperation – a real desire and need to get something accomplished in the life of your church – the motivation to do whatever takes may not be there.

In what way do you need to begin lifting your organization or ministry to Jesus?

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