“When will you become a real pastor?” Student ministry leaders often hear that question. Too often, we treat the role like a stepping stone to a “real” ministry leadership role. But full-time student ministry leaders are important. Student ministry leaders face pressures, especially those in full-time roles, which are currently dwindling in the church – … Read more

Invest In Student Ministry

The church must invest in student ministry. It can’t be an afterthought. There must be some concrete ways the church is helping to invite in, raise up, share Jesus and incorporate students into the life of their congregation. Here are some ways every church should invest in student ministry: Through Leadership Depending on the size … Read more

Questions Youth Pastors Can Ask Students

You and your team are getting ready for the evening and in walks one of your students 25 minutes early. This is one good reason to be prepared without last minute work to do. But aside from that, how do you engage in conversation? It needs to be natural and genuine, allowing your compassion to shine … Read more

When Should A Child Begin To Tithe?

I was reading through the book of Exodus and came across a point where it mentioned bringing a piece of silver to the tabernacle. “All who have reached their twentieth birthday must give this sacred offering to the Lord.” (30:14) The question popped up in my mind – when is the best time for a … Read more

How To Combat Student Busyness with Intentional Leadership

Busyness is an epidemic for students and families. How do you fight this? The single best way is through intentional and effective leadership. Many youth workers complain students are too busy. Since we can’t choose how others use their time, maybe we should go to work on changing ourselves. There’s no silver bullet, but here … Read more

Report: The Average Age Of Youth Workers

What would be your first guess as to the average age of youth workers in local churches? Most of us may imagine a young 20 something who speaks the student’s language with lots of energy.  There are obviously a million styles, situations and settings for local church youth ministry and the leaders vary just as … Read more

Mission Trip Ideas

If you are interested in arranging your own short mission trip for the students (or adults) in your church, here are a couple simple, but awesome things we took part in over the summer. Love Packages, Butler, IL This ministry focus is sending old and unused Sunday School curriculum and other resources to places … Read more

Quick Game Leading Tips

Yesterday’s post gave some reasons why games can be important for youth ministry.  In this post, I want to share a few quick youth ministry game leading pointers: 1)  Don’t call a game a game.  Just begin. Know the game well and keep instructions to a minimum. 2) Jump in with bite-sized instruction.  A phrase like, “Ok, everyone … Read more

9 Ways To Get Students To Turn In Forms On Time!

It’s the cry of most every youth pastor – “How do I get kids to turn in their registration forms on time?” “Our kids are so bad at getting registered for events!” Here are some thoughts you can try – some of these are field tested and some of them aren’t.  As my dad always jokes … Read more

11 Ways to Maximize Summer Events When You Get Home

1. Give students an opportunity to talk about their experience.  If you are at the event with them, you can debrief each night or during the last evening.  If you aren’t there with them, find a time to follow up with them after camp either at church or in your home.  Ask open ended questions … Read more