The Most Important Hour Of The Day

I was reading a list today from Ralph Palmen (principles and strategies for everyday living) where he mentioned the “Quick Start Concept”.  It is said that the first hour of every day should be your best.  That idea of a fast start is motivating for leaders.  He goes onto to list the Ten Commandments for Success by Ed Forman.  And I thought I’d list for you today:

1)      Thou shalt get up early, eliminating the need to rush into work,
frustrated and late.

2)      Thou shalt listen to or read something inspirational upon waking.

3)      Thou shalt get some exercise each morning to stimulate your heart, lungs
and mind.

4)      Thou shalt have some breakfast to keep thyself from being cranky.

5)      Thou shalt package thyself appropriately and attractively to feel good
about thyself and feel comfortable meeting others during the day.

6)      Thou shalt always greet others positively, enthusiastically and with a

7)      Thou shalt always say, “terrific” when asked how you are.

8)      Thou shalt be cheerful when conversing with others.  Discuss positive, uplifting thoughts about your clients and your business.

9)      Thou shalt organize your task and stay at them systematically. Do what
needs to be done, when it needs to be done.  If you get backed up, ask for help.  When you get caught up, help someone else.

10)  Thou shalt be treated as you treat others.  Be kind and supportive and you’ll find others supporting you.

(Palmen, Principles and Stratagies for Everday Living,
StarSong Publishing, © 1991, pg. 35)


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