Ministry Prayer Plan

I was inspired by Greg Groves at The Well Seminars this fall.  He has a very structured, intentional and expectant personal prayer ministry model. As a ministry leader, one of our big jobs is to pray for our people.  I have adopted a similar model since then.  My current ministry prayer plan looks like this:

On Tuesdays, I pray for Troy United Methodist Church in Troy, IL where I serve on staff part-time. I pray for church in general.  I pray for my part in it.  And I pray for the teams with whom I serve. I typically do this early Tuesday mornings, during the staff meeting and as I meet with people.

On Wednesdays I pray for Harvest Ministry.  I pray for the conferences coming up.  I pray for the ministry events that we are scheduled for and the ones that haven’t been scheduled yet.  I pray for the team members. I pray for God’s guidance in the ministry. I pray that God would give me and the leadership insights to creative, energetic, and innovative ways to be helpful to the church.  And I pray that God would help us to stay faithful to the unique Kingdom mission that Harvest has been given for this little season in history.

On Thursdays I spend time praying for other ministry leaders that I am connected to.  Through the church and Harvest, I have had the privilege of meeting and getting to know many ministry leaders from around the state and Midwest.  My goal is to continue to pray for them, their churches, their ministries and their lives.  I am still working on a systematic way to pray through the ever growing list. I am currently just listing out everyone who comes to mind on Thursdays.


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