Staying on Course as a Worship Team

Don’t let your church be a cul-de-sac on the Great Commission highway.” – Ed Stetzer

I just recently ran across this quote and it’s a great word picture.  There are so many nice things about being on a cul-de-sac.  The traffic isn’t as frequent or wild.  There are plenty neighborly friendships.  The back yards are typically a little larger.  And it’s easier for the kids to play around the street.

But, we are called – as a worship team – not only to live on the main road but to travel on it, invite others to travel on it, and accomplish the mission of moving forward as the church  of Jesus.

So many aspects of the worship ministry shape the nature of the church and congregation. Here are some ways to keep traveling forward on the great commission highway:

Be flexible – We mark out our direction, but have to be ready to make changes
as we serve.  The mission never changes, but from week to week and season to season the people, the needs and the structures of ministry vary.

Be concerned with effectiveness more than efficiency – the best resource that any church has is people.  We want to assemble them into the best fit for their part in the mission.  Sometimes, the most effective way, isn’t the most efficient.  There’s not one formula that works for all churches.  You need to find what is uniquely who God called you to be.

Be ready to welcome new people – in fact, always have openings for people to serve. Make it obvious how to become part of the worship ministry team.  There may be gifted
people in the congregation whom God has called to serve in worship leadership.  Be ready to welcome them into some role.

Keep the mission in front of your team – It’s for sure your once a year vision meeting.  But it’s also in your verbal prayers, in your organization, in your notes, and in your everyday connections.

Don’t be afraid to take a risk – Don’t get comfortable with the same basic flow, order, components to your worship.  Think of new ways to help people experience and encounter God. Sometimes I wonder which happens first: does momentum create a risk taking culture or does a risk taking culture create momentum?


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