Who Packs Your Parachute

Who packs your parachute?  Who are the people in your life who help you take risk and dives? Who are the ones who help you become successful? You’ve probably heard the story before, but it’s worth thinking of again – who packs your parachute?  Here’s the full story. 

But today, I was thinking about those around us that allow us to take the dives and risks in life.  If we aren’t trusting someone to aid in our life goals, then we probably either have really small goals or just aren’t getting very far.  It’s true, a person can pack their own parachute, but it limits the number of dives you can take.

If you want to be effective, begin developing and trusting people to help you.  Additionally, be a help others – preparing for others’ successful endeavors – assisting them – is just as important as being the one to jump.  You in effect, are jumping with everyone who is jumping.

As you are thinking of those people who are packing your parachute for you on a regular basis – your spouse, close friends, teammates or co-workers, remember to express your appreciation to them on a regular basis.


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