Nurturing Your Ministry Team

A quote that has always stuck with me is that “a great leader is like a turtle on a fence post  – – there’s no way that turtle got up there by himself”.  We all have people on our teams who help make the things we do in life possible.  In our ministries, even though we may not have a huge group of folks, nurturing those along side you is very important role as a leader.  Here are some thoughts on nurturing your team. 

Share Your Purpose

            1) Jesus made it clear to his team his end goal

            2) Jesus consistently shares with them what they are trying to accomplish.

            3) Jesus reminds them for his reason for being here with them

Practical Steps: Pull your team in on planning / Get down to the basics sometimes (“this is a football”) / They need to know the         vision (and when you have to share it, you know it too) / Take time to share it when you are in front of people

Make It Personal

            1)      Jesus had many people following him, but he connected with twelve, had an inner circle of three and called on “beloved”.

            2)      Jesus called them by name

Practical Steps: Connect personally with those who are on your team / Acknowledge them privately and in public / Pick them out as your team members / Meet with your team on an individual basis

Encourage Progress

            1)      Jesus stretched his team – sends out the 72 and the 12

            2)      Jesus taught his team – many settings in scripture his team listens to him teach other people

            3)      Jesus modeled for his team – how he treated people, praying, living day in and day out with his team.

Practical Steps:  The church is the only place that can allow them to do something that would outlast their lives.  Invite the sink into it / Help train your team by inviting them to attend quality events with you / Meet with your team for training, videos, etc / Model your style of ministry of ministry, encouraging them to develop their own / Give them opportunities to “take on” leadership.

Enjoy the Partnership

            1)      Jesus enjoyed meals with his team.  (Matt 9:10- eating at the house of sinners with his disciples)

            2)      Jesus became friends with his team –

            3)      Jesus calls us to encourage one another – Hebrews 3:13 and 10:25

Practical Steps:  Send notes to your team / Rely on your team / Motivation for building your team comes from a biblical call to partner with others in ministry

Keep Praying

            1)      Jesus prayed for his disciples

            2)      Jesus trusted that through his prayer, God would work.

Practical Steps: Pray for people to serve on your team / Pray for the team members needs /Pray for your team to be bound together, and would model Christian community to your youth / Pray, believing that your ministry can grow and be strengthened through the work of your team

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