Thoughts about being a guest worship leader

I was recently invited to be the guest worship leader for a church worship service.  Many times, I have served as a worship leader for an event or worship service, but the unique thing about this was that I just took my guitar and joined in with their regular band.  After consulting with the worship leaders and the pastors the week before, we selected songs that would fit the mission of the day.  We also wanted songs that would be new and fresh as well as a couple songs that would be familiar to the congregation.

On Saturday evening, I met with the band for rehearsal and we had a blast meeting together and preparing for Sunday morning.  

The morning services went really well and here are some thoughts I had following the experience:

1)      Being at another church gives me a glimpse of just how big the Kingdom of God is and just how small we are.  Every Sunday morning, literally millions of people are getting up early, gearing up sound, tuning instruments, and tweaking worship areas.  They are pouring their gifts, talents and lives into being the worship teams for congregations all over the world.   

2)      Leaving my own church for the morning creates a place for other gifted worship leaders to serve in ministry and be called to take on leadership. Without any formal documentation, I have always joked that the best way to grow a strong worship team in your congregation is to leave for a few Sundays each year.   

3)      Much like bringing in a guest preacher for a congregation, bringing in a worship leader helps the worship band experience and hear things differently.  There are opportunities to encourage and share information about ministry. Fresh eyes helps the band see things differently.  Without the history and knowledge of team dynamics, status quos and ruts might be changed without even realizing it.

4)      It enhances my personal work and ministry when I am given the chance to experience other congregations and the organization of other teams in worship. It helps sharpen me.

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  1. I have had a hearts desire for many years to have a traveling ministry where I can serve the Kingdom in such a way that God has planned out for me. There has been much preparation over the years as I look back ,that God has presented me with lessons and life experiences to prepared me for this mission. I want to be that simple Vessel that he uses to bring Praise to the Name of Jesus and what he does for us each day…Breath by breath..
    I am currently living in NC and will sell my home here and moving West to be closer to my mom who is aging and so the pull is strong in that direction. I have been seeking a position as a worship leader in a small church body somewhere west in either California or Nevada. However the pull is truly in the direction of a visiting worship leader for events or camps or retreats. I have served on a large worship team for about 9 years and I have lead worship in various environments from Senior Church to youth Bible studies . Children’s ministry and worship have been an additional part of my history and am currently in the process of helping a church move into a contemporary style service to also include Traditional Hymns. The call was clear so I followed. I have a simple gift vocally and I play acoustic guitar and I am passionate about serving as an simple empty vessel that God can use for his Glory..Now as I move into a new chapter of my life I know God has called me to devote my time to his purpose and I am waiting in expectation that the right doors will open and he will show me the way. His way. If you have any thing you can share with me to assist in this journey or treasured lessons I can learn from you and your travels then please pass them along. I thank God for it all..Without him I am nothing. He is the Leader of my calling and I will follow him. I stand ready and waiting the moment when he says its time for the next step. Is’t that just so exciting. I cannot wait to see where he leads me. May God Bless you as your journey rolls along..In Christ his simple vessel,

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