Core Values for your Worship Team

The core values of our worship ministry team:

1) WE WORSHIP – first and foremost, we must be a team of people who love God with all our hearts and seek to give him thanks, praise and glory and we walk the road of faith. Without this foundation, we will only have a marginal, short lasting effect in the kingdom.

2) WE ASSIST IN WORSHIP – our goal is to help others connect with and worship God in spirit and in truth. With willing hearts and servant’s attitudes, we do whatever we can to offer our gifts, time and talent to making it happen. This occurs both on and off stage.

3) WE STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE – our goal to be polished, rehearsed and solid isn’t for our own reputation, but so Christ’s name be lifted up and honored. Excellence in our ministry together helps create conditions for people to meet Christ face to face… and our excellence in music and ministry help remove any hindrances or distractions that might get in the way of that core value number two.

4) YET, WE RELAX IN THE JOY OF THE LORD – We balance our pursuit of excellence by continuing to understand and know, at the core of our being, that we are God’s children, using the gifts he gave us and the time he has granted to us to love him, thank him and know him. We strive to model this relaxed attitude in our relationships, our life schedules, and our personal devotion… we don’t want to get stuck on ourselves. We also don’t want to become tense. We need to remember the reason for the church, the mission and community in which we are a part.

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