Fatigue is a Vision Killer

Jesus needed time for rest and so do you. Ministry is not easy and when we become weary it’s difficult to see things clearly. In his book, The Power of Vision, George Barna states: If you have difficultly generating excitement for your vision or if you have trouble grasping the vision, check to see if … Read more

Sound Check Protocol For Worship Leaders

  Every worship band has to figure out the sound check in a way that works best for them. Whether you’re a portable church or in a permanent building, worship teams must develop a standardized sound check process to be efficient and effective.  Many worship bands rotate team members, which adds a weekly variable of … Read more

How Are Leaders Made?

Leaders are developed most naturally through these three means:  Relationship – Leadership quality people have almost always had a solid relationship with someone who mentored and showed them the way.  Whether it was a family member, a parent or other significant person, a relationship is at the core of a leader’s effectiveness.  If you love … Read more

7 Ways Worship Leaders Shape The Church

Worship leaders are church shapers.  They are, in some ways, the face of the worshipping congregation.  The attenders begin to take on their mode of operation when it comes to the nuts and bolts of worship.  Pastors and other church leaders also help model worship, but here are the ways that worship leaders shape the church: Through their … Read more

14 Thoughts for transitioning songs in worship

Do you find it difficult to transition from song to song?  I received this question through twitter recently.  It’s a good question as it can hinder the effectiveness of a worship leadership team.  Even when songs are solid,  transitions can come across unnatural. Here are some one line thoughts on transitioning songs during worship in no particular order: Scripture – … Read more

Debriefing – 5-D Worship Process

This blog post is one of five aspects to worship leadership.  Read the intro post. Debriefing is the final D of the worship leading process.  Debriefing helps you repeat successes and not mistakes.  Talking about the service helps fine tune what needs to happen in the future.  There isn’t an end to this process because … Read more