Our Concurrent Sunday Worship Schedule

Like many churches, our Sunday morning worship schedule has morphed into its current state through many little decisions and seasons. The current times for worship are: 8:00 a.m. – Sanctuary 9:00 a.m. – Family Life Center 10:15 a.m. – Sanctuary 10:45 a.m. – Family Life Center All four services have the same preacher (live) and … Read more

Sound Check Protocol For Worship Leaders

  Every worship band has to figure out the sound check in a way that works best for them. Whether you’re a portable church or in a permanent building, worship teams must develop a standardized sound check process to be efficient and effective.  Many worship bands rotate team members, which adds a weekly variable of … Read more

7 Ways Worship Leaders Shape The Church

Worship leaders are church shapers.  They are, in some ways, the face of the worshipping congregation.  The attenders begin to take on their mode of operation when it comes to the nuts and bolts of worship.  Pastors and other church leaders also help model worship, but here are the ways that worship leaders shape the church: Through their … Read more

“Step Down” From The Worship Team?

Stepping down indicates that you were “up there” at one point.  And we don’t really need worship teams to believe that. We don’t need congregations to believe that either.  We need worship teams that are filled with people who have stepped down to be there – modeling the sacrifice that Christ made for the church. The worship … Read more