“Step Down” From The Worship Team?

Stepping down indicates that you were “up there” at one point.  And we don’t really need worship teams to believe that. We don’t need congregations to believe that either.  We need worship teams that are filled with people who have stepped down to be there – modeling the sacrifice that Christ made for the church.

The worship team role is one of humility and graciousness.  It’s a compassion for God’s people.  A desire to serve.  A purposeful and intentional sacrifice on behalf of the congregation, to be available and used by God, even in our weakness.

There are many phrases that perpetuate the pedestal that worship bands have been on in the church. The worship band, like any other team in the church, is a part of the body of Christ helping people connect with Jesus.  The ushers, the greeters, the teachers, the workers, the leaders, the designers, and all other sorts of people are involved in the same work – to help create conditions for people to connect with Jesus.

I wonder if the attitudes of the worship team would change if the phrase became “stepping down to serve on the worship team.”

I understand the phrase and it is a tidy way of saying that “For this season, I’m going to set aside this ministry role for the sake of God’s call in my life in another direction or for a million other reasons.”

It just struck a chord with me today when I heard the phrase.  I want in all ways for the worship team to step down to serve.  We’re not “up” on stage. We are “down” on the stage, serving the church sacrificially.


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2 thoughts on ““Step Down” From The Worship Team?”

  1. I have been feeling led to “step down” from my worship team to give myself fully to another ministry. While I am a skilled guitarist, and always envisioned myself leading a worship team, the Lord has shown me previously that musicianship was not first and foremost in the calling God has on my life. When I was asked to play the bass, I reluctantly agreed after much prayer. I understood that the Lord was chin checking an idol in my life by “taking the back seat” on the bass. So now, I believe that season is ending. The problem is, I wasn’t sure if this was my own desire or God’s desire for my life. I would tell myself, “Its not about me, its about service to God and this is where I am serving HIM, not myself.”

    So here I am in prayer, and the Lord led me to this page. This really tied it all together in my heart. Thank you.

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