Getting in the way of worship

I went to Dollar General last night to pick some last minute things for a meeting. Because of a semi truck parked diagonally, I had to squeeze into the parking lot with little room. Because of the truck, the only spaces available were across the entire parking lot closer to the the neighboring gas station. 

I noticed, plastered on the side of the huge tractor trailer, was a “Dollar General” logo.  I know they were probably getting a shipment of inventory in, and I realize there aren’t many places to park a semi in a small parking lot, but the thought occurred to me:  the very person trying to help the store, was actually right smack in the way of all its customers, its primary mission.   

In worship ministry, I wonder how many times we might be like that truck. We desire to help and we hope we are helping, but from lack of wisdom, confidence, experience or whatever – we wind up being right in the way, blocking the main reason for worship. 

What are some ways that worship leaders get in the way of worship? 

  • Not being prepared
  • Not praying before
  • Not matching the style of worship with the congregation
  • Not singing the song in people’s hearts
  • Performing for the congregation more than worshiping God
  • Treating worship as a strategic end toward church growth
  • Becoming someone they are not while on stage
  • Relying on their own strength for effectiveness
  • Trying to micro manage the work of God in people’s hearts
  • Allowing team discord to continue long term

We have one job – to humbly assist people in expressing their gratitude and gratefulness to Christ through corporate worship.  Keep pressing on! 

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