Worship Leaders & Water Bottles

If the worship team is inviting the congregation to sing most every song with them – then either the whole congregation has a water bottle or no one does.

What does it say when a worship leader or vocal team has a water bottle on stage?  It can give the indication – both implicitly and explicitly – that the most important person in worship is the leader.  So, over the years, for the worship teams I lead, I try not to let water bottles become major on stage.

However, due to having vocal chord surgery a few years back, I’ve softened my tune on my hard and fast rule.  I totally understand putting vocal health on the front burner.  But, this little homegrown theory of mine still keeps me in check.

What do I do with a water bottle as a worship leader? I don’t display the water bottle, but quietly and discretely have it available. I don’t carry it to the stage as I am going to lead – I place it before hand if needed. I don’t a take a drink between songs, I wait until a better time.  And most of all I just remember that the whole congregation is in this together. Just keeping the concept in mind is enough of a reminder to me that we are part of the body.  We are servant leaders – inviting the congregation to sing in worship – it’s not about us.


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