What should a worship leader be known for?

Can a worship leader make a name for themselves?  I have often asked the question – mainly just to get people thinking.

Isn’t the whole goal to lift up the name of Jesus?  In our culture, with the genre of worship music being what it is, it’s nearly impossible for worship leaders to not be known to some degree.  People connect to people. And in some styles of churches, the worship leader is prominent.  The old joke is that in the 70’s pastors hired youth workers, in the 80’s pastors hired children’s workers, in the 90’s pastors hired worship leaders, in the 2000’s worship leaders hired pastors.  (On the side, I think the 10’s are going to be family ministry leaders – more intergenerational stuff in general).

Here’s a new thought that came to mind to answer this question. Yes, there ought be some things that worship leaders are known for:

1) As a Christ Centered person – The worship leader should be a Christ follower and there should be fruit of that in their disciplines, their actions and their attitudes.

2) As a shepherd for the worship team and congregation – The worship leader should be known as a pastoral leader for the team he or she works with and for the congregation as a whole.  Just like a shepherd, we try to lead them to better places – which isn’t always easy. But one of the big priorities is to care for them.

3) As a detail person – Not every person is a detail person, but every leader is responsible for them.  In ministry and church staff roles, this is constantly changing.  Who do you have on your team who can help you get the administrative tasks accomplished if it’s not your strong suit?

4) As humble and teachable – Worship leaders need to be known for being teachable.  For taking advice.  For collaborating with others to accomplish big goals.  They also ought to be teachable as they sit under the leadership of the pastors in the congregation.

5) As an assistant – One word that most aptly describes the overall job of the worship leader is assistant.  They assist in the worship service.  They assist the congregation in using their gifts. They assist the pastor in helping to provide music and others components to engage people.  They assist the body of Christ as they lead toward the throne of God.

6) As a gift incorporator / facilitator – Using the gifts and people God has sent to help create transcendent moments in worship is part of what the worship leader does.  Figure out a place and way to utilize who God has sent you.

7) As a person who strives after excellence rather than perfection – The goal of perfection will drive a person crazy.  But excellence, doing the best you can with what you have been given, is attainable.

8) As a pray-er – Worship leaders need to be prayerful people.  We need time to hear God’s voice and leading.  We need to pray for our church, for our teams and for our ministry.  We need to pray that God would fill our lives, so that out of the deep well of God’s grace, creativity, and resources we may continue to serve freshly, humbly and effectively.

How you would answer the question? What would you add to this list?



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