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If you are a guitar playing worship leader, I’m sure you use a capo.  The one I have used for years is the Kaiser Quick Change Capo. It clamps neatly to the top of the guitar headstock and is always ready.  In fact, even though my guitar case is on it’s last leg, I still keep it because it’s large enough to leave the capo on the headstock as I place the guitar inside.  The capo is a simple little tool that every worship leader I know uses.  In fact, it’s one of only four accessories I do use for guitar playing:  1) strap, 2) pick 3) capo and 4) tuner.  I don’t own a guitar stand, an effects pedal or even a direct box (I rely on the places I am to provide the hook up). Here are four things a capo does:

1. The capo can change the key quickly. This is the main function of the capo.  It changes the pitch of the strings by clamping it on a fret.

2. The capo makes songs easier to play. As a result of changing keys, a song that is in Bb can now be played in G.

3. The capo adds tapestry to songs when there is more than one guitar playing.  If one person plays in the key of E and the other person plays in the key of D with a capo on the second fret, there are different tones.

4. The capo can give new life when writing songs. If you are in a rut writing a song in one key, try putting the capo on – any fret – and see what new tunes inspire you.

Click here to learn more about how to use a capo on your guitar.

Back when I was first beginning, I remember people calling the capo a “cheater bar”.  But that didn’t deter me. I have always thought it was great.  There have been many times I have spent the entire worship set playing in either the key of G or E and just moved the capo around.  Other times, I have spent most every song playing with the capo on the third fret – which makes playing G become Bb, playing in D become F, playing in E become G and playing in C becomes Eb. I probably use a capo every single week of my life.

These Kaiser Capos are about $15 and they are the ones I recommend. I think they have – or at least used to have, a lifetime warranty.  I took advantage of that once, mailed my broken one in and they sent me a new one!


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