Fatigue is a Vision Killer

Jesus needed time for rest and so do you.

Ministry is not easy and when we become weary it’s difficult to see things clearly.

In his book, The Power of Vision, George Barna states:

If you have difficultly generating excitement for your vision or if you have trouble grasping the vision, check to see if you are running on empty.

George Barna

Fatigue can come at us from many angles. It may be an uncharacteristically full season. It may be a personal challenge you’re going through. Or it may be a corporate issue – like your congregation experiencing a trying time together.

You may need a rest in order to regain the clear focus of the vision or experience the birth of a new one for your life or your ministry.

I can attest to fatigue being a vision killer. There have been times when I have lost the vision simply from becoming weary in “doing things.” Most often these are great things, but just overwhelming and physically exhausting. Decisions don’t come easy and neither does excitement.

If you’re needing to refocus on your vision, figure out a way to take a break. Find a way to pull away from the routine so you can spend time alone with God and his word.

As you rest and recharge, the vision will emerge clearly again.

On a side note, without muddying the waters of this post too much, I also know that sometimes just a simple refocus on the vision can help get us through exhausting times. If you’re in over your head and can’t take a break at this moment, just remind yourself of the vision (or the vision statement) you have for your ministry or church and keep working toward it. Take a brief walk, pray for your situation, and ask God to bring light to the issue. The vision we’ve been going on so far, as simple as it may be, can be a starting point.

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